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Some late post-meridiem;
There were several hours already tucked beneath his pillowcase.
You know how it is when a hard day pushes you
so deeply into your mattress springs.
You know how it is when your exhaustion is
so profound that
your body can’t spare you
even the energy to dream.
           A pocket of acrid aroma
           crept up the stairs, lightly wrapping it’s smoky digits around banisters
           & passing by hung photographs whose subjects were as still as the man who slept.
One wonders if that night,
the bitter & black billow paused at the doorway
& seeing that spent figure sprawled sloppily about the four-poster bed
it thought to itself, “should I even bother?”
           Though, the smoke drifted into the room, danced all about his form & up into his nostrils.
           It lingered on his eyelas
:iconwillschenck:WillSchenck 1 0
choke me back to life
your lips
that wax all my heartstrings
like vasoline /
some viscous things
you're a nice dress on
a summer nighttime patio
you're songs i forgot that i love
you're silk or velvet
depending on the weather
i feel you rise
& fall and rise  
i catch my breath
& catch yours too
:iconwillschenck:WillSchenck 1 0
atypical metaphor
i am an anchor and
you're not the boat
but rather, you're the seabed, so
you can't just hoist me up
when you'd like to charter new courses, no
instead, i rest all that i have tied to me
inside of the indentations that i've forged
within your shifting sands
for every itinerary that will try
and steal me away
these fractured grains of you
encrust my tempered-iron body
bound, by chains
to a ship i've never seen; though
when the salt eats through these shackles
we will float off together into
an endless cerulean
:iconwillschenck:WillSchenck 1 2
twisted wire
for c.g.
pt. 1
being in love made me into
a better person. 

feet firmly planted, standing for something- someone
doesn’t transform you per se, bur rather brings to the forefront
the absolute in you. 
devotion bred from certainty. 
focus bred from devotion. 
and within your newfound focus, answers to questions that were maybe once so unclear that you hadn’t even thought to ask them, fall into your lap in the most timely fashion: your conscious has risen to the occasion and granted you access to all the tools you’d ever think you’d need to protect and nurture, always. 
you feel deeper, 
listen better,
realize the weight your words carry. 
you understand the impact of your actions. you have been afforded the permission to reach into someones veins. synapses in their brain are firing off in response to your proximity, your stare, your touch. yes of course, these phenomena hav
:iconwillschenck:WillSchenck 3 3
with two eyes you can see it, honey
that you
can do better than me
but i'm asking you
please don't
my loving is an utter mess &
the greatest thing i have to give
it lives in my torso and always has &
makes me sick and always does
thrashes in
my body
it begs to leave &
find you
hates me, honey
because it's always wanted you
lives in me like a stranger
but holds you
my loving grows with you;
you make this world
:iconwillschenck:WillSchenck 1 1
My Coronary Spy
deep in my heart
where the low ones lie
did a stranger reside:
a coronary spy.
a lover from fiction
and a hero of war
born from soft kisses
and holding open doors.
a relationship,
we formed
where if he was feeling down,
i would pop a pill
and when my brain fucked up
he would carry the guilt
and he became my best companion
and we had each-others backs
and the end was never near
until the "heart-attack."
she drunk my love like wine
and threw it up like hard liquor
and with it, my companion!
i have never felt sicker.
and the worst part:
my heart hadn't stopped--
(the blood still pumped)
it was hard as a rock
and cold as the floor
when you're not wearing socks
and still, i walked around
claiming "alive"
though the fire was gone
my coronary spy.
:iconwillschenck:WillSchenck 0 3
suffering in sweet repose,
a mixed-up man-
a dark blue rose
he sees in fractals
dreams: abstract
his veins run hot
his eyes look black
the test was love and he failed it twice...
or thrice? or more?
who's keeping score?
beaten and bruised
he's secondhand
supermarket produce
left for the flies
but lo, a spark in his eyes?!
he talks in temperatures
and moves where clouds go
accepting the wind
and embracing the flow.
to sum it up, he's as happy as can be...
(lies or complex irony?)
:iconwillschenck:WillSchenck 12 4
pre-show woes
man stands on stage in the spotlights glow
low-stress equipment tests: "check, check"
good to go.
audience takes seats
man is busy
learning how to decieve
a crowd 300-strong
because every song was a lie
in audacious disguise
a promise, empathetic
for the gullibly pathetic.
:iconwillschenck:WillSchenck 8 5
i'm just a fucking anvil
stand still
i'm dropping,
there's no stopping,
when an anvil
made from flesh and bone
is falling from the edge
to the ground below
(and upon the ground we find
a new obsession, newly shined
i'm an anvil made from tempered steel.
i'm inanimate,
i will never feel.)
:iconwillschenck:WillSchenck 7 3
little sisters, one day brides
today, glitter-frozen eyes
if three is charm, then what comes next?
we're drunk from beer
doomed to forget
and if it hasn't happened yet?
five bucks says your ass is next.
:iconwillschenck:WillSchenck 15 9
historical geniuses said:
"rock the dead, bury your head and claim any color,
be it blue, or red,
we're all feeding an infection for which you have no protection,
you are no exception;
having hope is a blessing, though the line between a blessing and deception is waring thin.
jump in.
the employees of an establishment in the center of the world, are familiar with the scent of burning bridges and live to unfurl, flags and wave them high; pitch black flags."
i pose one question:
- Will Schenck
:iconwillschenck:WillSchenck 11 7
and the tomb
was just as i left it
with my radio on
and my epiphone electric
in the corner
                      on the border
:iconwillschenck:WillSchenck 12 13
i am raw;
waiting for the skillet
me though the windmill
be careful not to
me through the windmill
paint on me, a target:
paint on me,
a smiling face
i am burnt;
waiting for the sunset
me through the windmill
be very careful not to
me through the windmill
lips like morphine
words flow like ipecac
until you come back
lips like morphine
wordless chatter
against your scattered
love is a windmill
for this reason, i slow our blades
let us
:iconwillschenck:WillSchenck 23 29
i live in the sky, where my job ain't too hard
i work with flight attendants, we wear our tired street garb, and
i work with officers, and they, too, are blasé
i sit in a cockpit and i co-pilot airplanes
and our protocol is elastic
and our smiles are plastic
our calm ones are spastic
and our "clarity," to be honest
is borderline enigmatic
our english is corrupt, and our hearts, just the same
our level is so low, yet we claim, "airplane."
we're stealing the sun, and we're risking our skin
we're flying towards the sun, dragging along the captain
co-pilots in charge, co-pilots do reign
the captain's lost the captain's plane...
we'll steal the sun!!! we'll take it's shine!
hush up, captain! the choice is mine!
i'll plot a course! co-pilots reign!
we'll transgress, you'll take the blame!
and what-?! you think we'll land the plane?!?
i say
as i've said,
co-pilots reign
all that is large, and all that is mere...
a nervous laugh, absent of fear
absent of fear, i do pr
:iconwillschenck:WillSchenck 13 9
"inside the wood door, the door that i can now not get out of my mind"
and a drop of jupiter
fell onto my head
your heart beat on my arms...
your heart beat on my arms...
and could you feel my heartbeat?
or had the way i hurt you
made you forget i even had one?
(did i even have one?)
"you walked out with a smile on your shirt, and a tear in your eye"
i've got two souvenirs
from today
that (fucking) note you wrote
and my tear-stained shoulder blade
im reminded by that stain,
on the shoulder of my shirt,
that, well, the tears aren't mine...
the tears are hers.
"stopping only to take a mental picture."
we said
"love, love,"
but 55 words was enough
for one day
how much of us
did i leave behind that door?
"the girl slides by him, circle around each other"
better together.
"wishing you would forget. never stepping out"
"it's my fault.
it's my fault."
"no it's not.
don't say that!"
your fa
:iconwillschenck:WillSchenck 10 10
A Purging
i've been living, so long, at the pace of my breath
at the pace of the beating
in my ribcage (slash) chest
but as each inhale,
slowly lowers in depth
my stomach rumbles at me,
i say, "save your breath,"
i'll pass on dinner
im facing off, with death
like a gentleman
living faster than the pace
of my breath
my breath: thin
just to let you know...
you let me in,
but i'm leavin'
for now
my breathin'
don't reek of vomit
i'll come back
i promise
:iconwillschenck:WillSchenck 10 10


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